All of our customers have one requirement: to obtain the highest quality materials. For this reason, as a guarantee of quality, in 1990 Rodacciai obtained the certificate of the Italina Institute for Quality Assurance for the Metallurgic Products (IGQ).

This certifies that the production facilites and the warehouses of the Rodacciai Group operate completely in the accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

Rodacciai continues to develop its own quality policies and has since obtained approval by Controlas (The Netherlands) and TÜV (Germany) for welding wire and also for stainless steel bars for pressure vessels according to the norm ADW-TRD100. Rodacciai is approved for the supply of material conforming with the German building requirements (brand mark Ü) for welding products (certification issued by the German Railway Company DB).

Each approval is continually being updated, assuring our clients that we fully respect the standards currently applicable.