Rodinox® round with improved adherence for the reinforcement of concrete

Rodinox® stainless ribbed round is the answer to concrete reinforcement problems when high durability is required in the presence of particular climatic and environmental conditions, such as for example the possibility of contact with chlorides due to proximity to the sea or due to anti-ice salting of the streets.

In these situations, in fact, concrete reinforcement with carbon steel is not sufficient and it is therefore opportune to use stainless steel, whose characteristics are optimally exploited in the construction field.

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Temperature resistant

It resists low temperatures without fragility phenomena, and high temperatures including flame and fires.

Low magnetic permeability

Suitable for use in hospital and in airport control towers, it's very low magnetic permeability does not alter the operation of sensitive electronic equipment.

Low maintenance

The use of Rodinox® stainless steel, furthermore, drastically reduces maintenance costs, lengthening the life cycle of the object, with appreciable results even in the first years.