Steels resistant to corrosion in aggressive environments

The special characteristic of stainless steels is that they have a resistance to corrosion that is significantly higher with respect to other steels; some of them also have an excellent resistance to high temperatures.

These characteristics of stainless steels are obtained thanks to the addition of chromium and other alloy elements, and allow use even in particularly aggressive environments such as chemical plants, marine environments and offshore platforms.

Stainless steels can be provided in their natural rolling state or annealed, normalized, quenched and tempered, or heat-treated. Bars and wires are available with a wide variety of packaging.

Grade Available Sizes
303 3/16" - 2-5/8"
304/L 3/16" - 2-5/8"
316/L 3/16" - 2-5/8"
416 3/16" - 2-5/8"
430F 3/16" - 2-5/8"