Steels resistant to corrosion and high temperatures

The specific needs of environments that have very high temperatures have led to the need to create stainless steels able to cope with these very particular conditions: this is, for example, the case with the steels designed to be used within heat treatment ovens or as resistors of radiating elements.

Thanks to the addition of chromium and nickel in high quantities and to a balanced analysis, the steels in this category are particularly suitable for retaining good mechanical characteristics at high temperature; they can therefore remain in service for a long time in environments at high temperature and with chemical aggressiveness.


The particular chemical composition of this steel, with high chromium and nickel levels, allows it to resist elevated temperatures in an excellent way, for example in pieces exposed to the heat of heat treatment ovens.

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Similar to the previous type, it is differentiated only due to some analytical differences that further improve its resistance to high temperature.

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